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Canyon SS20

The most versatile shoe ever

€ 3,134,063 Fully funded
6,168% of total amount
36,254 backers
New SS20 colors Shipping June 2020

Canyon is the all-terrain sneaker with 4-in-1 versatility: providing the benefits of aqua shoes, the comfort of sport shoes, the technical outsole materials of hiking shoes, and the styling of your favourite daily pieces. 

New colors

All-terrain sneaker

The all-terrain sneaker category was born to meet the needs of modern day travelers who desire to always be ready to jump into a new adventure anytime, anywhere. Keeping this in mind, we have designed Canyon, our best travel shoe yet.

Take them wherever life takes you

From your workplace to the outdoors

The sneaker you can swim in

Gets dry quicker than the original ones

Feels like floating on cotton candy clouds

Comfortable and light

The only shoe you need to pack

In order to cover all our necessities man has designed a lot of different kind of shoes: sneakers, outdoor shoes, hiking shoes, aqua shoes, slippers… However all this footwear is so specific that if we don’t want to have any problem while packing for the next big adventure, we are forced to sacrifice on comfort and convenience.



We defined the versatile shoe,
now we’ve perfected it

Afters hours of investigation, research, development and customization, we have raised our game to craft a better shoe that delivers premium quality, high-tech performance and maximum comfort. 

SlipSock™ construction

Smart fitting to slip on

SprintLaces™ construction

Knot-stopping the shoe-thigtening mechanism

DualCuishon™ outsole

Super comfortable and durable dual desnity

Innovative and premium materials

New materials in collaboration with Cosmo & Airprene

Commited to sustainability

A responsability, not an oportunity

Details make perfection


Tropicfeel Shoes are true to size, based on +3.500 reviews.

If you are between sizes we recommend you sizing up for a more relaxed fit.

To find what size will fit you best, simply return to the Canyon SS20 homepage and click on the Fit Finder link above the size selections!

Yes, after a few uses, your shoes will stretch ever so slightly as you break them in.

You can wear these with, or without socks, whatever you prefer!

Considering this, to make a water-friendly, lightweight and resistant pair of sneakers we need to work with:

77% recycled polyester in the spacers, because the fibers in the middle are impossible to make from recycled goods (at the moment)

Upcycled 20% EVA in the Outsoles

Non-toxic and solvent-free on the foam upper materials

100% Recycled strobel insole

Eva mixed with Bloom algae on the insoles

100% recycled and recyclable packaging

Additionally, we are Blue-sign partners

Cleaning your new shoes is easy! 

1. Remove the insoles.

2. Throw the sneakers in washing machine on short cycle at maximum 30º

3. Wash the insoles by hand for better results

4. Do not tumble dry

Yes, you can remove the insole and insert your own.

After a year we launched the Canyons! We listened to the Tropicfeel Communities feedback, we took their opinion into account and used this to improve the product.

Canyon features include extra reinforcements and have a technical sole to be ready for the more strenuous activities in the outdoors!

In this collection, the mesh was also improved to reduce the abrasion, tear and breakage. We also changed the outsole material to a 20% EVA so it can be recyclable in the future, you can separate the upper part of the outsole to be able to recycle it. Before you couldn’t recycle it because the component got dirty, now you can get it on a clean point, so it's more sustainable!

Our journey started with a trip to Thailand. After a pair of destroyed sneakers and 100 hours walked with our heavy backpack, we came up with the idea of creating versatile pieces that could span our lives, allowing us to focus more on traveling than packing the right gear. We pitched our Travel Sneaker idea on Kickstarter in 2017, and broke records with its popularity, such as the most crowdfunded shoe of all time, and the most crowdfunded Spanish campaign ever.

At Tropicfeel, we don't consider sustainability a tool for marketing, but rather an important responsibility, which we work towards improving every day. We activate the power of collaboration to challenge the fashion industry, leveraging crowdfunding platforms as a route to streamline our production processes and create timeless designs. 

We work with nominated suppliers that can offer us traceability at each step of the production process, building relationships based on quality and transparency, and our external agency B.COME measures the impacts behind the products we produce and consume. We have also partnered with Cosmo and Bloom Foam to use recycled and eco materials in our travel gear.

Additionally, we collaborate with organizations that aim to protect our wildlife and environment, and give back 1% of our sales to keep natural wonders alive, so our future generations can experience them too.

Remember to request Exchange within 30 days of delivery! If your shoes do not fit well we will be more than happy to help you to get a new size!
Request Returns will be accepted within 14 days from the moment you buy your shoe till the reception.

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We will ship the shoes in June 2020!

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4. Be ready to rock your shoes for summer.

NOTE: Remember you will receive your Canyons in June, we will keep you updated with all tracking information.

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Canyon SS20

The most versatile shoe ever

20% OFF retail price

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.


Canyon SS20

The most versatile shoe ever

€ 3,134,063 Fully funded
6,168% of total amount
36,254 backers
New SS20 colors Shipping June 2020

Canyon SS20

The most versatile shoe ever

20% OFF retail price

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.