Wildlife Photographer Film-maker

"My goal in life is to see and learn as much as I can about the natural world. Through my films and photography, I want to inspire people to find the same love and joy I do, and to help preserve the wildlife and environment of this planet."

Marine Biologist, Wildlife Filmmaker and Underwater Photographer

"My passion for Marine Biology and all things oceanic has lead me around the world on conservation projects. My goal is to use my background in Marine Biology and love of film to inspire more people to care for our beautiful natural world."

Marine Scientist, Shark Coservationist and Researcher

"The experiences that we live are building what we are, and traveling is always an explosion of experiences, sensations and learnings!!"

Travel Photographer.

"I wanna make every second count by discovering new places, new cultures, but beyond all of that I want to tell the tales and use the light I capture with my photography to do so."

Traveling Videographer.

"When I'm on the road, I seek unique places and an authentic cultural experience and dig deep into the spirit and the soul of a place where I end up wandering."