Traveling could change your life forever

Our journey started with a trip to Thailand. After a pair of destroyed sneakers and 100 hours walked with our heavy backpack, we came up with the idea of creating versatile pieces that could span our lives, allowing us to focus more on traveling than packing the right gear. Our main motivation was to make great gear that we would want to use ourselves no matter when and where, from New York City to the Galapagos, ensuring that the gear doesn’t sit in the closet for 11 months of the year.

Traveling is our biggest passion and has the incredible power to transform communities, but after our trip we also acknowledged that travel today can also carry negative impacts, from over-tourism to environmental damage. This made us ask ourselves: what kind of legacy do we want to leave behind? How can we have a positive impact in the communities? 

Ever since we've embarked on a journey to become a carbon neutral company. All our products are made with sustainable materials and we are working even more closely with our community to disrupt the way people engage with the fashion industry.

Join us to make responsible travel the common way


Conscious packing

When buying gears for your trip, try to consider the necessity of the purchase and the usability of the product in daily life. A multi-functional, sustainable and long-lasting gear allows you to pay less for gears and invest more in traveling experience.


Alternative destinations

Over-tourism has become an evolving problem within the traveling industry. Alternative destinations enable you to travel to unique wonders and leave more positive footprints during your adventures.


Respectful attitude

Many people travel wishing to leave a mark on all the wonders. Instead of leaving a mark, try to leave a footprint. A positive footprint that comes from your respect to local nature and culture.

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