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Our most adaptable style yet

Made for exploring everything, from New York City to the Galapagos: Versatile, quick drying, comfy, sustainable.

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Our most adaptable style yet

Cala is the all-terrain sneaker with 4-in-1 versatility: providing the benefits of aqua shoes, the comfort of sport shoes, the technical outsole materials of hiking shoes, and the styling of your favorite daily pieces.

After two successful Kickstarter campaigns, we are back with another crowdfunding campaign, exclusive to for the very first time.

Experts in crowdfunding

Creators of 2 record breaking Kickstarter campaigns. Now on our own site!


Secure payment




Backers delivered!

Pushing the limits of the all-terrain sneaker category

The all-terrain sneaker category was born to meet the needs of modern-day travelers who want to be ready to jump into new adventures, anytime, anywhere. Since inventing this category, we’ve sold over 200.000 pairs of our shoes and now, we have pushed the limits with Cala, our lightest and most adaptable style yet.

Your new essential

Effortless style, flawlessly matching any piece in your wardrobe

Take them wherever life takes you

From your home, to the great outdoors

The shoes you can swim in

The functionality of aqua shoes with quick-drying capabilities

Our lightest shoe yet

Only 228 grams so you can always bring it with you

From sneakers to slippers

From the first to the last step of your day

Our best shoe yet

Cala was Inspired by the city where Tropicfeel was born, Barcelona. Our concept has been made possible thanks to the feedback from travelers all over the world, and of course the incredible effort made by the Tropicfeel team. We are now more ready than ever to deliver our best shoes yet.

Marta Hutesà

Design Manager

“In fact, we've been thinking about this model ever since Tropicfeel started, even before we released our first shoe. There has been a lot of back and forth with this, and finally we’ve now got the best. We’ve got that kind of product that makes you feel something very special. You don't want to give up that feeling. I’m very very proud of this style.”

How to pre-order

Select your color and size using the sticky bar under the screen

Note that our shoes are true to size, that means that you need to order the same EU size than your other sneakers! If you are between sizes: Size up for a more relaxed fit or size down for a snug fit!

Order your pair today for the best price

Last chance to get your 20% discount

Become a tropicluster

Born in versatility

Upgraded and improved features


Drainage holes clears water out fast

Quick dry

Advanced technology for quick drying

Odor less

LAVA XL® minimize bad odors

Adaptable style

Matches with any piece of your wardrobe

Slip On

Quick to put on

24h wear design

Sneaker or slippers, you decide

Extreme comfort

Soft and light, super comfy


Just 228 grams per shoe

Slip Resistance

Helps you avoid slips


Stops your feet overheating


6 recycled plastic bottles used per pair


Responsibly sourced materials

Pushing the limits of the category we defined

Designed in Barcelona and inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, after years of development and craft we’ve finally met the standards required to deliver premium quality, high tech performance with lots of extraordinary features that make this shoe the leader of it’s category.

Sustainable style

6 Recycled plastic bottles

8% Algae

Recycled EVA

Slip Sock™ Construction with Foldable Heel

On and off in seconds, our fastest ever slip on shoe

Slip Resistant Outsole

Stay steady with a non marking full rubber piece

Drainage holes

Designed to clear water out fast

Sprint laces

Knot-stopping shoe-tightening mechanism, now using flat shoe laces

Anytime, anywhere

If you’re ready, Cala’s ready.

Patented treatments and tested materials

Upside Down 3D mesh , in collaboration with Ariaprene

Our newly designed material allows for higher Abrasion Resistance and better breathability. The outer surface has a closed structure compared with the inner surface. This makes the fabric more absorbent on the outside. As a result, the inner surface, where your foot is touching, absorbs less water and stays closer to your foot.

Lava XL technology

Lava XL targets and defeats bad odors also self re-generates, meaning your shoes stay fresher, for longer, no matter what you’re doing.

Abrasion Test

We performed the rigorous Martindale test during the creation of Cala. In this test, the shoe is scratched several times to test the abrasion. Usually, this test stops at the 25k mark, with Cala, it withstood 102,400 cycles of the test.

What our clients say about us


"Amazing product! After use the Tropic shoes for two weeks during my honeymoon trip in Hawaii I'm more than satisfied. I encourage all of you to try the product. Excellent purchasing experience and outstanding costumer service. Good job guys!!"


"My favorite sneakers since I bought them, as became my favorite shoes. Very comfy, very easy to combine with any outfit and very lightweight. Fast delivery, good quality and very comfortable. Wishing to see what else I would get from Tropicfeel"


"I bought my Tropic almost a year ago and carried them on my 5 months trip, they are just amazing! Exceed by far my expectations! Looking forward to get my new pair and keep having great experiences with them!"


"I love tropicfeel! They're one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. And the best part is that they're sustainable, made with recycled bottles. good for the environment. I absolutely recommend the brand."

Topicfeel team

Crowdfunding for good

Good for you

Get it sooner with exclusive customization, and cheaper.

Good for us

We can produce goods in a more responsible way

Good for the planet

Avoid overstocking, promoting the in demand business model.


Crowdfunding process

Chip Grey

Chocolate Red

Night Blue

Chocolate Red

Night Blue

Chip Grey

How to pre-order

Select your color and size using the sticky bar under the screen

Note that our shoes are true to size, that means that you need to order the same EU size than your other sneakers! If you are between sizes: Size up for a more relaxed fit or size down for a snug fit!

Size Guide

Our EU sizing is the same across all styles, for example, if you have already have a pair of Canyon or Monsoon, we recommend getting the same size for Cala.

EU CM USA Women USA Men UK Women UK Men

How to measure your feet?

  1. Place your heel against the wall on a piece of paper.
  2. Trace your foot, draw a line at the longest point (heel-to-toe) and measure with a ruler.
  3. Repeat for the other foot and choose the longest measurement!

If you're between sizes:

  • Size up for a more relaxed fit
  • Size down for a snug fit

*We recommend measuring your feet afer your long day

Frequently Asked Questions

Why crowdfunding?

We believe in the power of collaboration to accomplish this initiative. We bring together a community for a great cause through a new product.

What are the priorities of buying this shoe on a crowdfunding campaign?

  • Exclusiveness.
  • Being part of a great movement and campaign.
  • You are helping to protect the planet. We optimize stock management reducing overstock and CO2 transport footprint.

Discounted prices:

  • Crowdfunding Campaign First 48h → 35% discount
  • Crowdfunding Campaign → 30% discount

How does crowdfunding work?

  1. On crowdfunding Campaigns, you have a tested product with a monetary goal, and if we don't reach the target we won't produce the product.
  2. The community purchases the product, with the best prices, to help achieve this goal.
  3. Once this campaign closes and we have successfully reached the goal we begin with the production and shipping process.
  4. The community waits a little longer, and receives their order in August 2020.
  5. Shoes are delivered, ready to rock for the summer!

NOTE: Remember you will receive your Cala's in July, we will keep you updated with all tracking information.

What size should I buy?

Tropicfeel Shoes are true to size, based on +3.500 reviews. If you are between sizes we recommend you sizing up for a more relaxed fit. To find what size will fit you best, simply go to the Fit Finder section!

Will my shoes stretch?

Yes, after a few uses, your shoes will stretch ever so slightly as you break them in.

Do I need to wear socks?

You can wear these with, or without socks, whatever you prefer.

What are the Cala washing instructions?

Cleaning your new shoes is easy!

  1. Remove the insoles and laces.
  2. Throw the sneakers in the washing machine on short cycle at maximum 30º.
  3. Wash the insoles by hand for better results.
  4. Do not tumble dry.

Do they work with orthotics? Can I remove the insole?

Yes, you can remove the insole and insert your own.

What is your commitment to sustainability?

Yes, like every other Tropicfeel product our Cala model is sustainable. At Tropicfeel, we don't consider sustainability a tool for marketing, but rather an important responsibility, which we work towards improving every day. We activate the power of collaboration to challenge the fashion industry, leveraging crowdfunding platforms as a route to streamline our production processes and create timeless designs.

We work with nominated suppliers that can offer us traceability at each step of the production process, building relationships based on quality and transparency, and our external agency B.COME measures the impacts behind the products we produce and consume. We have also partnered with Cosmo and Bloom Foam to use recycled and eco-materials in our travel gear. As you may know, we use sustainable materials. For every Cala pair we recycle 6 plastic bottles.

How do I make a return?


We offer you two options! Store credit or refund.


Store Credit
We want to offer you store credit! With this, you can either choose the correct size or model you expected or get a brand new product in the future. We are getting ready to become the travel brand of the year! You have 30 days to get it from the day you received the delivery.

Positive things about this!

  • Take your time to decide! No expiration date  
  • Access to amazing new products
  • You can gift Tropicfeel to your loved ones!

You can ask for a refund and you will receive the funds in a few days

For both cases, we need the tracking number the courier gives you when you send the items back to accept your return..

How do I proceed with my return?


  1. Prepare your package to be sent to one of our warehouses.

To prepare your package for the return, it must meet the following conditions before being shipped out:

    • Brand new, in original condition
    • Shipped in a box - we encourage reuse of the original one.
    • Introduce the Delivery Note in the package
  1. Send your original package to one of our warehouses and keep the tracking number that your selected courier has given you! You will not be able to go ta step 3 until you send the package and you have the tracking number.

ADS Evreux (Retours BIG)

ZAC Multi-site Long Buisson
Rue Rolland Garros

Hong Kong
U- Freight Logistics (HK) Ltd.

Ground floor, Chuan Kei Factory Building,
No. 15-23 Kin Hong Street,
Kwai Chung, N.T.
Hong Kong

U-Freight America, Inc
16000 Phoenix Drive, City of Industry
California 91745
United States

  1. Great! You are almost there! Once you have sent the product back to us, it is time to proceed with your return! Remember that you will not be able to continue with your return if you do not have the tracking number that proves you sent the package back to us.


    If something is not clear or you still need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us


Where do you ship to?

Free shipping
Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, United States (except the Virgin Islands and Guam), Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain (except Canarias), United Kingdom, Italy.

No free shipping (+9,90€)
Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Serbia, Sweden, New Zealand, Russia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Canadá, Belarus, Canarias (Spain), Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Lithuania, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.

What’s your Shipping Policy?

If our shipping carrier attempts delivery to you and the package returns to our warehouse (either because you’re not there, the wrong address was provided or you moved without telling us), it will be the buyer’s responsibility to pay the shipping fee to reship the order. When you receive your tracking number, please keep an eye out for the package.

Who is responsible for International Import, Duty, VAT and Customs Fees?

It will be the buyer responsibility to pay for any Import, Duty, VAT, and Customs Fees that may apply for the shipping to their country. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

When I will receive my Cala’s?

We will start shipping Cala shoes in August so get ready to use them during summer!

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, you will receive a tracking link via email.

Didn't find what you are loo 

Click on the little speech bubble on the right hand side of your screen to speak to one of our assistants using live chat! If this is unavailable please feel free to contact us at

Any doubt? Let's chat!


#5 Update: Production has FINISHED!


Well, it’s the moment we have all been waiting for! On Friday The 26th of June, production of Cala officially finished!

It feels like only a couple of days ago we launched the crowdfunding campaign, and here we are! Thank you to everyone who has supported Cala so far, we are so excited for you to receive your orders!

Check out our Q&A below with our awesome production manager Marta! 

Q&A with Marta Iglesias

Production Manager

Hey Marta! When was your first day at tropicfeel?

My first day was 11th of June 2019!

What part of making Cala took the longest?

The slipper feature with the foldable heel! We needed to test several trials with different prototypes to be able to have the heel fold in a way that was comfortable and easy.

Were there any issues that came up when producing the Cala shoes?

As the demand was huge, we made a first order during the early days of the campaign. Then we realized we needed to place another bigger order, as there were even more orders than expected. Thanks to our great partners, we were able to add a second quantity to the production with the same delivery date as the first order!

What was the most popular color that we produced?

The 3 colors sold have been really equal, the difference is around 500 more or less, but the exact order is: Chip Grey, Night Blue and Chocolate Red.

And finally, what is your favorite color of Cala?

I'm in love with the Chocolate Red. But I also think the color of the outsole of Chip Grey is great! I cannot wait to add more colors in future!

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for the next update!

Tropicfeel Team


#4 Update: Production is now underway!

It's show time! 💚

Great news! We have now received all the materials for creating your new Cala shoes, and we are happy to report that production is now underway.

The fabrics have been cut and we are now beginning to stitch everything together. It won’t be long until they will be arriving at your door which is super exciting!

Shooting locations 🌍

We had a great time shooting Cala before the crowdfunding went live. We were in three different countries to make sure we had the perfect shots, check out where we visited!

Indonesia 🇮🇩

The dramatic cliffs, tremendous forests, and the bluest waters made Indonesia an ideal shooting location.

Costa Rica 🇨🇷

The long sandy beaches of Costa Rica were a great place to show off the water friendly features of Cala.

Spain 🇪🇸

And of course, the city where Cala was inspired, and where tropicfeel began, Barcelona!

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for the next update!

Tropicfeel Team


#3 Update: Crowdfunding stage has now closed!

Let's rock and roll! 🚀

Cala is now sitting at an incredible 8154 backers! Our Super Early Adopters stage has now finished, meaning the 30% discount is no longer available, and has been replaced with a 20% discount.

Huge thank you to all of our Super Early Adopters, you are now all Tropiclusters for life, and it's awesome to have you by our side on this amazing journey. Without your trust, support, and belief, we would not be able to turn our visions, our dreams, into realities, and for this, we will forever be thankful 💚

Product news

Things are moving very quickly, and by the end of this week all of the materials for your Cala will have finished the cutting stage ✂️ ready to be manufactured into shoes which is SUPER exciting, as this brings us one step closer to getting your new shoes ready! 💚

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for the next update!

Tropicfeel Team


#2 Update: It's all about teamwork

The team behind Cala 💚

We are very proud seeing the fantastic start the Cala crowdfunding campaign has had so far! This brand new style and its successful launch would not have been possible without our incredibly talented team.

Today we want to share with you some personal thoughts from two people who were super important in the creation and launch of Cala, Marta, our product designer, and Bargu, our creative director.

Marta Hutesà

Design Manager

What did you enjoy the most about creating Cala?
It's difficult to explain in just one detail, but I’m really in love with the outsole design, and how it explains something about us!

What was the biggest challenge?
The folding heel! The balance between flexibility, strength, comfortability, and looking good is not easy as seems.

What is your favorite color of Cala?
I can’t decide, I like all of them, but I’m wishing to brighten it up more next season!

Guillermo Barguñó

Creative Director

When did you first realize that creativity was your calling?
I think when I was around 14 and I started filming sports with a GoPro camera, that got me hooked and since then it just snowballed from hobby to passion to profession.

What was your favorite part of creating the Cala content?
My favorite part was to fulfil the creative challenge of creating content that could inspire others while we are living in this global crisis. I think the polaroid transitions were a great idea and probably my favorite creative asset for the brand in a long time.

What is your favorite color of Cala?
Chocolate red!

Product news

The factory has already received the Ariaprene shoe material and will soon begin quality control before jumping into production! 🔎Go Cala!

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for the next update!

Tropicfeel Team


#1 Update: We made it!

Funding Goal Achieved! 🎉

WOW! Only a few hours after launching our first ever exclusive crowdfunding campaign for Cala, we have already reached our fundraising goal of €50,000. This is absolutely incredible and just goes to show how amazing and dedicated our fantastic community is. A massive THANK YOU from everyone at Tropicfeel.

We are so excited to share this new style with you all very soon. We will keep you in the loop with updates, sharing with you facts on design and creativity behind the project, product production, and everything else, so you can see step by step the journey of your awesome new shoes. We can’t wait to get the first shipments out! Thanks again from everyone at Tropicfeel, you rock!

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for the next update!

Tropicfeel Team